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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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3 years ago
Happy Halloween from the Black Rose Production House...💀🎃👻 #Halloween https://t.co/EYC05s0mZd
3 years ago
A train crashed right outside our office. Life is crazy! https://t.co/0UpgchdsRJ


Black Rose Production House

The Official Page of the Black Rose Production House. Our Team consists of Korey Green, Jordan R. T. Spencer, and Durand McCloud.
Black Rose Production House
Black Rose Production House2 weeks ago
We all must do our part to help change this disparity. Beginning this Friday (and every Friday) for the next 10 weeks we will be releasing unused raw unedited interviews from our film “The Blackness Project”. Our goal is to encourage and continue the conversations to bridge the gap of racial disparities.

Now!!! on Facebook will be the original unedited interview of City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown as he discusses his racial experiences on being the first African American Mayor of the City of Buffalo. Only a portion of his interview made it in the film so this will be his entire in-depth interview on race.

Black Rose Production House and Xavier Films would like to welcome you to “Black Fridays”
Black Rose Production House
Black Rose Production House
Black Rose Production House2 weeks ago
Black Rose Production House
The Blackness Project
"BLACK FRIDAYS " Series. View the unedited "Blackness Project" film footage. EPISODE I - Mayor Byron W. Brown, First African American Mayor of Buffalo, NY shares his race relation campaign experiences. #BlackFridays #BuffaloNY #RaceinAmerica #Juneteenth #Racialhealing. #MyTODAYPlaza